Our Story

Imperial Bali

Fine Furniture From The
East, Made Simple.

Imperial Bali’s foundations are based upon delivering medium to large quantity orders to satisfy the retail and commercial sector.

The market has developed within the last decade tailored to the needs of hotels, large restaurants and production companies who’s required volumes traditionally where not catered for within the South East Asian Manufacturing Industry with strict quality, pricing and lead times in place.

Through collaboration with key opinion leaders, factory owners and Import and Export organizations we have been able to fine tune a system to build in trust, reliability and business accruement.

This ensure’s that customer’s placing order’s with Imperial Bali have their bases covered. We take all of the traditional risk factors away ensuring that all projects within our manufacturing facility are produced within the set lead time, on budget and with quality being over seen by our own British trained furniture makers.

Imperial Bali keeps its customers needs at the forefront of each and every project without jeopardizing the Eco Friendly cycles we have in place.

Imperial Bali boast’s a wide range of quality furniture that would appeal to any potential client, With a 200 plus team of multidisciplinary skilled artisan furniture makers Imperial Bali has the ability to produce large quantity orders with strict quality controls in place. Our teams is directly managed by Daniel Joseph one of our British trained furniture experts who ensures on a daily basis that his shared passions runs though out our entire work force.

We have become enchanted in the rich culture that our staff share and actively promote suitability within our local community and beyond. We, in 2017 made a commitment to our environment to donate and plant one tree for every item sold. Thus far Imperial Bali has planted over 3000 variations of native plant species back into the local environment and will keep on our mission. We wholly believe in sustainable practices ensuring the future of the ecosystem we operate within.

Imperial Bali highly recommend’s that client’s visit us to see how we operate, meet our team and tour our manufacturing facility’s.

We are proud to boast that we are the only British Owned and Operated Furniture Manufacturer in Bali and Jepara, We control the entire cycle from start to finish.

Contact and Order

Contact the team experienced team to discuss your requirements. Then simply browse through our collections to put together pieces from our extensive range.

Manufacture and Delivery

Our team will then manufactures, pack and load your goods on the carrier for delivery to any port in the world.

Suar Wood
Signature Furniture

Suar wood has a fantastic natural resistance to any splits, cracks or movements due to size and the period of time in which the timbers grow. As it’s cut down into wooden blocks, suar wood maintains its consistency and become’s a durable and robust timber that boats a beautiful grain and knot pattern. Statement pieces are what we do best and we supply Suar wood tables up to 500cm in length.